Sizing Chart

I have switched my sizes over to standard toddler sizing!!!!

To measure your child's foot:
Place the child's foot on a piece of paper and make a tracing. DO NOT HOLD A RULER TO THE BOTTOM OF THE FOOT!! This does not get an accurate measurement because the foot spreads when there is weight placed on it!! Measure your tracing from heel to longest toe. ADD 1/4-1/2" TO YOUR MEASUREMENT(depending on how much room for growth you would like!) and that is the length of the sole you need. So a 4" foot would need a 4.25"-4.5" or larger sole!
When in doubt, order up! Ready to ship sizes listed!

✨✨✨✨✨My sizes now reflect standard toddler sizes!!!!

Size 0: 4" sole
Size 3-6m: 4.25" sole
Size 6-9m: 4.5" sole
Size 9-12m: 4.75" sole
Size 3: 5" sole
Size 4: 5.25" sole
Size 5: 5.5" sole
Size 6: 5.75" sole
Size 6.5: 6" sole
Size 7: 6.25" sole
Size 8: 6.5"sole