A Work in progress


So I thought people might like to see my color works in progress so here is a post dedicated to my black and white drawings! This is a drawing of my daughter Wren. I took a break from creating art after the birth of my daughter Wren. My inspiration took me elsewhere and I felt like my work was becoming stale. My work, or my motivation, something! I started a little shoe business called Wren's Nest Creations and I kept it going for about 4 years. My passion for it waned, as I always knew it was a temporary creative endeavor, and I have now resumed drawing. I feel renewed and fresh, ready to draw again, with some new insights! These progress shots show how I build up the layers, usually working from dark to light, but the pastels are tricky, so I add darks back in and finish off with some more lights. More updates to come!